Day 3 in Belfast – Titanic Experience

Deirdre, Desi and packed up our bags, said fare thee well to our hosts Renata and Harry, hopped in the car and with great anticipation made our way to the dockyards in the north part of town.


One can hardly miss this experience, not only because it is the number one spot to see and experience in all of Europe, but also because the mere size of it makes it impossible to drive past and NOT see it!

img_6890  img_6843

Let’s head inside and see what it’s all about…img_6787


The photo above displays the various steps of converting raw Flax into fine linen thread.  It starts out like rough twine and ends up in a fine silky thread to weave.  Amazing!

And of course, there is another major product which Ireland produces….




This is the actual place where the Titanic was built.  If you look closely at the picture, especially at the point which is closest to the building, in the pavement and bricks, you can see the outline of the ship on the ground.


Below is a scale model of the harbour and the ship in comparison to the building this model is sitting in.  The ship was massive!





The following are glimpses of how the various types of rooms were furnished.



This is a massive exhibition taking hours to see it thoroughly.  I have only captured a small sampling of what can be seen and experienced here.  Something to whet your appetite to visit it ‘up close and personal…’

Below is the view from upstairs in the building looking southward at the docks toward city centre of Belfast.img_6838



img_6839I absolutely loved this sculpture out in the front courtyard of this absolutely gorgeous building.  It shimmers in the sun; like diamonds on rippling water…img_6843img_6846 img_6850

Nearby is another ship you can go aboard, the last remaining ship of the fleet…img_6852  img_6858


We even got to play dress up in period clothing!  That was fun!

img_6875   img_6879img_6882



Well, that’s the Titanic Experience my friends, a must see-must do kind of place!

You won’t be disappointed! Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak!




Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving American 65-year young great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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